by Green Bible Project


… would these things be if they weren’t collected together in a pot/jar/mug on your desk? The quotidian flotsam and jetsam washed up on mine includes:

  • staples, none of which ever fit any of the staplers I own
  • paperclips
  • a staple-remover given to me by a colleague and which he inherited following a mass sacking at a New York firm he was working in-house at. It’s a reminder of the brutal tenuousness of office life. You can work for a place for decades and then one day they sack you and distribute your office equipment among the survivors
  • two lip balms because moderation in moisturising is a fool’s game
  • the cap from a USB mini-drive I lost years ago
  • Post-it notes because the ‘paperless office’ is a dystopian myth
  • a shell from the coastline where my father’s ashes were scattered
  • a Tretchikoff keyring from the National Gallery in Cape Town. I have mixed feelings about Tetchikoff, but seeing this image on a keyring made me appreciate it in a new way. This is a spare for when the one currently attached to my keys wears out.