Qadaffi: My part in his downfall

by Green Bible Project

Before you get too excited, no I wasn’t flying sorties over the Libyan desert. In fact the title is something of a dig at the propensity for academic and journalistic bandwagon-hopping as I reflect on the way in which the hot craziness of the world played out across the cool pages of academic publishing in the last year or so.

At least half my work recently has dealt with the Arab Spring, Qadaffi, and the interlocking dynamics of Islamism, (in)security, escalating resource wealth and its corollaries, marginalisation and poverty, particularly in North Africa.

Like all editors, I keep a constantly updated and reworked set of lists of form and spellings to ensure standardization within my titles. The list I’ve just been working from makes me want to go and watch lots of cute cat videos. Here’s a snapshot:

  •  al-Qaeda (not variants)
  • anti-capitalist (not anticapitalist)
  • asset-stripping (not asset stripping)
  • ethno-regional (not ethnoregional)
  • Qadaffi (not Gaddafi)
  • geopolitical (not geo-political)
  • Global North
  • War on Terror / war on terror (follow author’s use)
  • Great Lakes region (not Great Lakes Region)
  • HIV/AIDS (all uppercase)
  • Jihadi Salafist
  • KwaZulu-Natal (note hyphen)
  • minibuses (not mini-buses)
  • neoliberal (not neo-liberal)
  • neopatrimonial (not neo-patrimonial)
  • pan-African (not Pan-Africa)
  • pan-Islamic (not Pan-Islamic)
  • Qur’an (not Koran)
  • self-immolation (not self immolation)
  • special forces (not Special Forces)
  • Trans-Saharan (not variants)
  • tsetse (not Tsetse or tse-tse)
  • WikiLeaks (not Wikileaks)

Now here’s a cute cat video on YouTube.