Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s Index of African Governance

On Monday the Mo Ibrahim Foundation published this year’s Index of African Governance. The Index ranks sub-Saharan African countries according to a set of criteria which are regarded as contributing to good governance. These include indicators of safety and security; rule of law, transparency and corruption; participation and human rights; sustainable economic opportunity; and human development.

I particularly like the criteria for sustainable economic opportunity, which go beyond the usual national economic indicators to try to give a picture of what it’s like – relative to other African countries – to operate a business in a country. So while economic growth, purchasing power parity, and inflation rates all feature, so too do indicators such as the reliability of financial institutions, electricity capacity, the state of the road network, and the number of internet users.

Based on these criteria, the index rates the top five African countries in terms of sustainable economic opportunity as: 1 Mauritius, 2 Seychelles, 3 South Africa, 4 Gabon, 5 Botswana. Read further here.