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Music to watch revolutions go by…

A journo currently working in exciting times in Mali introduced me to this epically cool Amazigh (Berber) music. It’s from Brian Shimkovitz’s brilliant site Awesome Tapes from Africa. Right now the situation in Mali and the repercussions of the Arab Spring are very much on my mind. Not least because they constitute almost half my work currently, one way or another – a year is apparently how long it takes for dramatic events in the real world to find their way onto scholarly pages.


Referencing twitter …


This is from the MLA and although we haven’t had similar guidance from the other principal publishers yet, it probably isn’t going to be much different. 

Basically it’s Last Name, First Name (Username). “The tweet in its entirety.” Date, Time. Tweet.

I’m guessing that that ‘tweet in its entirety’ means hashtags as well (let’s face it, often the best bit of a tweet), so my tweet above would be something like:

Nell, Dawn (dawnnell). “That film about the old folks in India… Marigold something. It’s pretty fun actually. Made me miss India like crazy. #hornplease” 6 March 2012, 10:35 p.m. Tweet.

Tweets don’t always finish with a fullstop so I wonder whether one should be ‘imposed’ either inside the quote marks or outside, just before the date.

I’ve spent a busy week rapidly and traumatically enhancing my technical expertise and acquiring a new website.  ( No doubt you’re wondering why this is necessary when I have this well-worn, comfortable blog right here.  The truth, Dear Readers, is that my work as a consultant editor is beginning to expand beyond what I’d originally intended and it’s forced me to begin to develop a commensurate infrastructure.  Even though I’m hardly about to buy a suite of salubrious offices on Walton Street, I did finally have to concede that using the yahoo account I set up to email invitations to digs parties was not exactly setting the right tone when I’m communicating with Production Editors at Very Important Publishers.

I’ll still be blogging here, although more and more editing means I’m finding less time for History, which was what I was writing about when I set up this blog originally. Will the tone of my blog change to reflect the changing nature of my working life? I can’t say yet, but I think we can all assume that there will still be some discussion on gin and gin-related activities despite the fact that gin regrettably doesn’t feature at all in my normal working day.